Looking for Muay Thai near Ontario, CA?

Look no further!

logo 300x40 Looking for Muay Thai near Ontario, CA?

Double Dose Muay Thai is the heart & pride of all Inland Empire combat gyms! Located in Fontana, CA, we cater to a wide variety of students all looking to achieve different goals!

From kids learning to discipline, to women shedding pounds, people learning self defense, and fighters winning belts, we have all it takes to win here in Fontana, CA!

Our Kids Foundations program and our more advanced Muay Thaigers classes offer a variety of fun ways to teach Muay Thai techniques. Besides learning the basics of offense and defense, we also incorporate street self defense into the curriculum! For anyone living near Ontario, California, we will make sure you child gets in shape with our time tested exercises, and we will make sure your child has fun with our favorite games!

Our Adults Foundations program and Combat Athlete classes will take the average person through a gradually progressive training system that will give you all the tools to learn how to defend yourself AND get in shape! We are located near the heart of Fontana, CA and offer the best Muay Thai training program in the country!

We also offer a Women’s Only Bootcamp Program called Combat Curves! One class is never the same from the other, guaranteeing muscle confusion and constant adaptation and change. We will challenge you with fun, inventive workouts to help you reach your goals. We understand that there are many bootcamps near Ontario, but we offer the only Kickboxing based workout in the area!

Give us a call now at (909) 574-8424 to set an appointment for our FREE TRIAL!

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