Get Healthy – Stay Healthy!

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Right now is the perfect time to get healthy and fit! Everyone is excited for summer to come and everyone is starting to exercise for that beach body. Exercising is not always fun and there can be days where you feel like giving up. It is up to you to make sure you keep it interesting and exciting!

Here are a few tips from your coaches at Double Dose Muay Thai to help you achieve and maintain your goals!


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Focus on eating healthy and making better choices. Most people that decide to go on a crazy diet will end up failing. If you start by eating 3 healthy meals a day and not skipping breakfast which is very important you will be able to achieve your goal easier. Also, planning your meals before hand will help so that you don’t try and find an easy route and end up eating something very unhealthy. If you are interested in learning about what is healthy to eat and what is recommended you can have a food plan made for you at Double Dose Muay Thai, just ask your instructors.


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You actually have to enjoy working out or you will end up giving up, if you do the same routine every day and you do not switch it up you will also give up. In addition to giving up when not switching up your routine you will keep working out the same body parts and leave out others. Finding places to hike, dance classes, even swimming will help change up your workout and make it more interesting. If joining Kickboxing isn’t your thing, Double Dose offers different classes people with different interests like MMA, Weight loss Bootcamps, BJJ.


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Maintain enough sleep. People get so caught up in always being on the go and busy with social networks, working out, hanging out with friends that they don’t realize they are not getting enough sleep. Adults should be getting around 6-8 hours of good sleep a night, most adults are lucky if they even get 4 hours in. Not getting enough sleep can cause you not to be healthy and fit. Eliminate one thing you do a day that takes up to much time so that you can get as much sleep as you can. ONLY YOU can control what sleep you get a night!

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