Krabi Krabong

 Krabi Krabong

What is Krabi Krabong? Krabi Krabong is a sport from Thailand that involves weapons. The weapons used are swords, curved swords, bladded staff, stick, buckler, and double swords. Muay Thai Boxing along with Judo-like techniques and skills are used with the weapons. Krabi Krabong can be used with one or two weapons, you do not need to have weapons on both hands. Even though the weapons are sharp, the opponents do not  strike each other. The winner is chosen based on the stamina and the technical skill displayed. If an opponent does get injured while fighting they can surrender, but injuries do not automatically stop the fight. It is up to the fighter if they wish to surrender or if the judges see that injury is severe they will stop the fight. Krabi Krabong has 9 levels. Each level has a different Dress Sash. In Muay Thai every time a student levels up they get a new color arm band which helps instructors and everyone determine their level in Muay Thai. So when you see a student that is in Krabi Krabong the color on their dress sash helps determine what level they in. Krabi Krabong’s uniform consists of a dress type shirt with pants and a sash to tie around the waist. No shoes are worn. Double Dose Muay Thai offers Krabi Krabong classes that can be taken by anyone new and current student. If you want to learn a different style of fighting that also comes from Thailand and has been around for more than 400 years, ask how you can join.

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